Ruslana Lolo Helsingor


Chelsea Lana Helsingor


Cherry Lana Helsingor


Jadore Chelsea Helsingor


Sansa Lolo Helsingor



Seychellois Cat Sansa is thin and graceful beauty. She's really ballerina! Oriental cat Exclusive, Sansa's son, is future manufacturer of our cattery. Sansa mooved into the new home to young pair Natalia and Arsen. She became wonderful friend with oriental cat Gavriil. 

Sansa is mother of the litter: Y, E, L 


Engie Uma Helsingor


 Engie is oriental chocolate wonder, understanding her excellence! Unfortunately, Engie had not any kittens. Before sterilization she stood into the native home.


Hillary Jay Helsingor
Seychellois Cat Hillary (or Lary) is result  of the third generation breeding in our cattery. She has beautiful purple color of eyes and good wide ears. Her body is a little bit  massive,but in pairing with thin boys, she gave excellent ang big-ears kittens. Tribal activity was end after caesarean operation. Now Lary is living with new family. There are two growing girls in the house and Lary made friends with them.
Hillary is mother of the litters: A, I
Undina Oliv Helsingor

Undina was born in our cattery. She lives in beautiful Eugene, co-owner of cattery. After a single litter of cats, we decided to withdrawal from Undina breeding program, because We wish her many happy years of life. After sterilization, the owner stayed in Eugene.

Undina is mother of the litter: D


Odrey Disa Helsingor
Odrey was born in our cattery. Color calico is a long standing dream of mine.Odrey is the first classic calico, which appeared in the rezult of effort. From it we got three female-cat of the same color. All they are interested in a breeder, one of them is Jukkola- remains with us to continue the work of the mother. The very same Odrey went from us to China, Shenyang city.
Odrey is mohter of the litters: F, J
Hanna Jay Helsingor
Sorry, my beauty, that I couldn't help you. Soft clouds behind the rainbow for you...
  Paige Lyta Helsingor 

Beauty Paige was born in our cattery. Absolutely conflict-free cat. A lover of good food, great gourmet. Trying to become a mother for the second time, sent a beauty in a happy world neuter, and a new loving family of Angela, where only our Page and not enough!

Paige is mother of the litter: H


Diana at home just Dis, beautiful, stately, bicolor shokotorbi cat. Came to our cattery from the famous Moscow nursery. Dís's character is very friendly, thanks to which their breed qualities, it is easy to display, making a great show career on many systems. Moved into a new house to Paul (Vladivostok), which easily adapt and make friends with domestic cat.

Diana mother of litters: M, O, U, Sh
Vanessa is oriental beauty tortoiseshell, winner of the melodious voice. Appeared in our nursery, having arrived from St. Petersburg. Tactful, but at the same time, thirsty, contact, talkative. After sterilization, the second cat went to the house of Tatiana and Alexander in Bolshoy Kamen, where the cat is very well from our kennel Carmelita. Thank Svetlana owner Ivar, for participation in the life of Vanessa!
Vanessa mother of litters: 
T, L
Oliva Disa Helsingor
Oliva born in our cattery. Was left in the cattery, in co-ownership with the owner of Eugenia.
Pregnancy, childbirth, nursing kittens affected the health of Oli
ves is not the best way.
Always in our heart.
Oliva mother of the litter: U
Lolita is the first of Seychelles in the nursery. She came to us from Hungary. Lola has a very fine bone structure, thanks to the American ancestors in her pedigree. Coped with the tasks in the program: the children of Lola's more elegant in physique.
Derived from the dilution of the planning. After sterilization left for permanent residence in Blagoveshchensk, a young family Eugenie and Alexandra, where willing to let Lolita not only in a large space at home, but in their hearts.
Lolita  mother of litters: S,R,N
Karmelita-born in our kennel. Was left for a single mating, which resulted in our nursery is filled with her ​​daughter, eared orientalochkoy tortoiseshell Paige Lyta Helsingor.
We Karmelites independent. She is not capricious, in food is unpretentious, fairly talkative, kind and affectionate cat.
After sterilization, went to live in a cozy seaside town Large Live Stone, a family of Tatiana and Alexander, where there are no animals, but there is great interest in Eastern cats, thanks to the efforts of Svetlana, the owner of Ivar.
Кarmelita mother of the litter:

Masya - the first oriental cat in our family, through which the enthusiastic oriental cats. It has a slight temper, very clean, despite the sterilization remains the main cat in the pride. She lives with us.
Masya mother of the litter:

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