Indigo Royal Cats


Indigo came from Moscow. On pedigree Indie is the great-grandson of our first our stud Belly Dance Ivar. The cat has an excellent stress-resistant character, passed on to his children. In our cattery remained daughters Indigo. And the cat went to Finland in a friendly cattery, Siamese continue to improve the livestock breed.
Indigo is father of the litters: M, O, Q, U

Caesar Disa Helsingor


Сaesar is handsome bicolor oriental cat. He is kind and talkative. His children are beautiful and breed kittens. His son Exclusive stay in cattery to continue the father race. Before castration he mooved into the new home and made friend with tree noble breed cat and little dog. 

Caesar is father of the litters: B, C, F, G, I, J, K, L

Emilio Aljanda*RU
Emilio came to us from the Krasnodar city
(ALJANDA * RU cattery (breeder Vladimir Saibel).
We are grateful 
to Vladimir for the trust .
The cat has thin muscular body, great hocks of ear. His virtues were transmitted to kittens. Our kittens have become more "thin" and ears have become more large. He was taken out of a planned breeding. He moved to live in a new home to Tatiana and Oleg (Vladivostok). Earlier they had a Siamese blue point cat called Vasiliy, and thirst for him has stimulated the process of finding similar and dissimilar....

Emilio is father of the litters:
C, Ch, ShEA, D, E, H
Neo was born in our cattery, was left to work in the program with Seychelles (Siamese bicolored) . Removed of planned breeding. Neo's character is special. He is not running at breakneck speed, meet and kiss. His trust must be earned. But making friends with him, get sea sincere love, trust, a true friend. What really wish the new owner Anne from Vladivostok.

Neo father of litters: F, H, J, Y
Lambi - irresistible Siamese handsome man with black points, came to us from St. Petersburg. In the pedigree of Lambi known nursery producers from Finland, beautiful genotype and a great friendly character is transmitted to children cat. To our great regret, derived from breeding due to health problems.
Lambi father of litters: S,L, M, P, R

Madiyar graduate of our kennel.
We would like to see him in the kennel brid.programme to obtain tabbirovannyh kittens. But sometimes plans can change!
We Madiyar calm, balanced character, very attached to owner Galina. Resident of Khabarovsk. 

Ivar - the first bi-color cat in our cattery. I came from Ukraine. It has an excellent stress nature, and transmits it to their children.
On retirement he settled in the new family, became a good friend Don sphinx Chipik and a favorite son new owner Svetlana.
Ivar father of litters: 
T , CN, O

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