Welcome to the web site of cattery "Helsingor",
on the most elegant and graceful members of the cat world,
Oriental and Siamese cats.
The nature of these animals can talk for hours.
For a long time to hold your attention, I will say only this: a cat - Other, Cat - Companion,
She is always there and exactly knows your mood, your emotions shared by all.
Those who once "open" for themselves the quality of Siam,
or Oriental, he can not change it ever!
Because these cats are not just pets but family members.
The nursery was founded in 2010, (reg. MFA № 949* RU), and (reg.WCF № 6964-2014/140087.RU)
But the first cat, which began with an interim report

my hobbies oriental beauties, appeared in 2006.
The main objective of the nursery is to obtain healthy animals,
harmonious type and remarkable in character. The main trend in the breeding program - bicolor.
So, the first steps taken, the basics felinology studied, but much work remains,
which can not do without like-minded partners, people, hobbies, and share my views.
I want to thank everyone who supported me in these endeavors.
This is reflected in the confidence of their Koto - kids, and companionship,
advice, the creation of this site and much more.
Hopefully, time on site pages will help you,
become better acquainted with one of the most astonishing
rock-Oriental Shorthair-ORI & SIA.
Sincerely, the owner of the cattery, Elia Sharipova.


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